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Thank you so much for stopping by today for the Who Was Blog Tour to celebrate the Who Was? Book Series from Penguin and the new Who Was? Show on Netflix that brings these books to life.

The Who Was? series have been a staple in all of my classroom settings. I have taught K, 3, 4, and now 5, and children of all ages can benefit from these stories. Actually, people in general can. The Who Was? books are written in ways that allow you to grasp the accomplishments, failures, successes, and much more of many individuals from all around the world.

Who Was Louis Armstrong? is written in a way that highlights all of Louis's accomplishments as well as history on the jazz music that was his life. The details in the words and the illustrations play a huge part in recognizing just what Louis was known for. The story provides students with an insight of following your dreams and that if you work hard enough, you will accomplish those goals. Louis lived a life that required him to have struggles, but through perseverance, he was able to have many accomplishments. 

Who Was Marie Antoinette? is written in a way that provides students with an understanding of a dark time period in a way written lightly. Marie's life was not one that people envy, and her life ending definitely isn't something that children today are going to be able to connect to, BUT this book provides detailed information that is informative, factual, and easily understandable for children. 

The Who Was? series is a series I am constantly still buying for my classroom. Anytime we do biographies or any type of informative writing, all of the books are written in ways that students can use as mentor texts and mirror the writing for their own individual. They are a must have addition to any elementary classroom, in my opinion. 

Who Was? Show 

Fresh voices bring some of the most famous names in history to life. A live-action sketch comedy show based on the series of best-selling books.

Season 1 now available on Netflix.

The Who Was? show on Netflix takes you through the books featuring two different people per episode. The shows bring history to life through hilarious reenactments by teenagers. 

I know that my students already thoroughly enjoy this series as we started watching towards the end of the school year when it first came out. I would utilize this show as an introduction to biographies or an independent study over a specific person we may be researching. This is also a great tool for students to watch and then come up with their own skit over their own person - as an educator you could include many standards as part of a PBL (project based learning assignment) for students to learn more about a specific individual and bring that individuals story to life as the show does. 

I am so excited that this show was created. It's one of those things that I didn't know I needed as an educator until they created it. I already knew the books were such a great creation, and now adding on a TV show just brings the stories to life even more. 

Blog Tour Schedule

Week One 
July 2 – Word Spelunking – Episode 1: Gandhi + Ben Franklin 
July 3 – Crafty Moms Share – Episode 2: Albert Einstein + Joan of Arc 
July 4 – A Peace of Mind – Episode 3: William Shakespeare + King Tut 
July 5 – A Rup Life – Episode 4: Isaac Newton + Amelia Earhart 
July 6 – Teachers Who Read – Episode 5:  Marie Antoinette + Louis Armstrong 
Week Two 
July 9 – InRandom – Episode 6: Sacagawea + Blackbeard 
July 10 – Dream Reader Kids – Episode 7: Susan B. Anthony + Frida Kahlo 
July 11 – Two Points of Interest – Episode 8: Marie Curie + Harry Houdini 
July 12 – For Mommy’s Dragons – Episode 9: George Washington + Marco Polo 
July 13 – Bookfoolery – Episode 10: Genghis Khan + George Washington Carver 
Week Three 
July 16 – The Boy Reader – Episode 11: Pablo Picasso + The Wright Brothers 
July 17 – Jenn’s Book Vibes – Episode 12: Galileo + Queen Elizabeth 
July 18 – Coquette Maman – Episode 13: Julius Caesar + Bruce Lee 

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