If You Like.... Then Try This....

If you are new around here, you may not be familiar with the three of us on our social media platforms. My Instagram handle is @cassie.m.thomas and on there I share (every 3rd photo actually) an image of If you like _____, TRY _____ where I give several similar books that a child may want to try after they finish the main book. If it's a specific theme I focus on, I will mention that - or a specific author. But ultimately I try to hit all of the major plot points with my recommendations. All of these posters are actually available to you HERE in a Google Drive folder to print off! I range from early middle grade (3rd grade) all the way to YA books. If there are ever any books you'd like this poster for, PLEASE let me know! I'm constantly asking on my Instagram for more ideas. :) 


  1. When I click on the "here" link above, it only takes me to the "Fish in a Tree" page, not a Google Drive. How can I get access to the Google Drive?

    1. Same here! Thank you for all your work on this.

  2. Would love to print these off! It does the same for me!


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