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Hurricane Season: Author Interview

*Affiliated link to Amazon!  For Fig’s dad, hurricane season brings the music. For Fig, hurricane season brings the possibility of disaster.   Fig, a sixth grader, loves her dad and the home they share in a beachside town. She does not love the long months of hurricane season. Her father, a once-renowned piano player, sometimes goes looking for the music in the middle of a storm. Hurricane months bring unpredictable good and bad days. More than anything, Fig wants to see the world through her father’s eyes, so she takes an art class to experience life as an artist does. Then Fig’s dad shows up at school, confused and looking for her. Not only does the class  not  bring Fig closer to understanding him, it brings social services to their door.   As the walls start to fall around her, Fig is sure it’s up to her alone to solve her father’s problems and protect her family’s privacy. But with the help of her best friend, a cute girl at the library, and a surprisingly kind new neighbo

IMWAYR-May 6, 2019

It's that time of year where my reading pile is growing faster than the dandelions in my front yard. I'm picking and choosing books that I know are going to be easy, quick reads. I also have a few audiobooks, like The Missing Piece of Charlie O'Reilly, ready to go for when I'm pulling weeds and cutting grass. What are you reading?  AMBER CASSIE     ANDREA HALEY

Blog Tour: Shouting at the Rain by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Shouting at the Rain  by Lynda Mullaly Hunt (Nancy Paulsen Books: Out May 7, 2019) Picture thanks to: Emily Montjoy (Instagram: mrsmontjoy) Lynda Mullaly Hunt is an author that my students immediately recognize thanks to Fish in a Tree or One for the Murphy's. If they have read one, I always recommend the other. As always, a Nancy Paulsen published book never leaves me disappointed. I first used this book as a lesson before I had even finished. W e analyzed her book cover and then inferred how they may be connected to the story.  The kids did an amazing job of breaking apart the cover and truly engaging in what the story might be about without ever reading. I would say that Lynda's stories are always ones that leave me feeling fulfilled. Maybe in a positive emotional way, or not, but they always let me know that there are kids experiencing these same emotions and they are not alone, at all.  Shouting at the Rain  was no different. Delsie lives with