What are my 5th graders reading?

Happy 2019 y'all! We are back in the full swing of 5th grade and I wanted to pop on here and share with you all what my students are reading. 

I made a post yesterday on my Instagram about how PROUD I am of my babies. Since Monday I have continuously ADDED time to our independent reading time because they have been so engaged. It was dead silent and every single student was 100% into their book. Y'all - as a teacher, that is the ONE thing that makes my eyes get a little teary. I STRIVE for all my kids to leave here with a joy of reading and a lot won't ever tell you that, but 30+ minutes of solid reading and followed by moans whenever we have to stop is their way of telling me without actually telling me.... So, with that being said: What are my kiddos so interested in? 

Here are some pictures of books they currently have that I took pictures of while they were at lunch! 

IMWAYR 1.7.19

Woo hoo! We are one week into 2019! If you are headed back to school today, we hope you have a smooth and painless day. You got this!

We have been busy reading as much as we can to start out the year on the right foot! Come check out what we're reading from middle grade to young adult to adult books this week and tell us what YOU are reading in the comments.

Have a wonderful week and happy reading!

19 in '19

Happy New Year! We wish you a year filled with health, happiness, and hope. And books! Lots of books!

It took me forever to narrow this list down to only 19 books-it could have been 219 books long. There are so many fabulous books coming out this year, but I've chosen to focus mostly on YA contemporaries, though I've sprinkled in a few MG books. What are you looking forward to reading? 

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