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Dare To Be You: Inspirational Advice for Girls

Growing up, I was a big reader of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. I needed to be reminded of things that I would start to feel self conscious about as a young girl living in a world where judgement was everywhere. Luckily, I didn't grow up in the time where social media was so prominent, but I did grow up when it was first beginning. I remember MSN Messenger fights with girls, I remember chat rooms starting to become popular and people in the world were realizing that others weren't nice when behind a computer screen, I also grew up in a time when cell phones weren't full of easy access to anything and everything, but we did have three way calling and that could tear a girl down in a heartbeat. Luckily, I read, and when I did read learning about others experiencing things I felt - it helped to know I wasn't alone. Which is exactly what Dare To Be You does. It is just that, Inspirational Advice for Girls on Finding Your Voice, Leading Fearlessly, and Making a Differen