Dare To Be You: Inspirational Advice for Girls

Growing up, I was a big reader of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. I needed to be reminded of things that I would start to feel self conscious about as a young girl living in a world where judgement was everywhere. Luckily, I didn't grow up in the time where social media was so prominent, but I did grow up when it was first beginning. I remember MSN Messenger fights with girls, I remember chat rooms starting to become popular and people in the world were realizing that others weren't nice when behind a computer screen, I also grew up in a time when cell phones weren't full of easy access to anything and everything, but we did have three way calling and that could tear a girl down in a heartbeat. Luckily, I read, and when I did read learning about others experiencing things I felt - it helped to know I wasn't alone. Which is exactly what Dare To Be You does. It is just that, Inspirational Advice for Girls on Finding Your Voice, Leading Fearlessly, and Making a Difference. 

While there’s no shortage of inspiring books for women coming out in the next few months, there aren’t many that target young girls in particular. And that’s a problem because it’s when girls are young that they develop their self-worth and their confidence. Amidst a society that still belittles women and wants young girls to be “good girls,” prim, proper, and silent, what they really need is advice from trailblazing women who have come before them. So how can teachers contribute to a young girl’s confidence and self-worth through education? 

Veteran journalist Marianne Schnall (who has 2 daughters of her own and wrote What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? which BeyoncĂ© recommended during the ‘16 presidential race) combed through her hundreds of exclusive interviews with people like Gloria Steinem, Demi Lovato, Stacey Abrams, Amy Poehler, Sophia Bush, Jane Goodall, Billie Jean King, Natalie Portman, Kerry Washington, and more, pulling quotes that celebrate and amplify all that girls and women bring to leadership. DARE TO BE YOU: Inspirational Advice for Girls on Finding Your Voice, Leading Fearlessly, and Making a Difference is an inspirational book that provides guidance and encouragement, and advocates for girls to realize their true potential, be authentic, and inspires confidence so that they are able to see themselves as leaders from an early age.

Always with a finger on the pulse of societal shifts (she founded the website Feminist.com in 1995,) Marianne Schnall has had a knack for extracting the most interesting, thoughtful, and sometimes surprising anecdotes from people most of us put on a pedestal, showing us how these women leaders struggled with their own obstacles, doubts, and failures just like us. Schall’s inspirational books will allow for girls to realize their own value and uniqueness, showing just how powerful they can be when they all work together, thus providing inspiration for teachers on how to encourage the girls in their class to realize these important traits within themselves.

This would be a great gift for the young woman in your life who may need a little reassurance that everything is going to be just fine, as well as what exactly they can do to make that difference they are so passionate about! 

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