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The Queen Bee and Me - Gillian McDunn Interview!

Click above to purchase/preorder - OUT next Tuesday March 3!  *Affiliate link  ***Advanced Praise for  The Queen Bee and Me *** “McDunn portrays the intertwined emotional lives of middle-school kids with sensitivity and precision. An insightful story of friendship and change.”— Booklist , starred review “Readers will identify with the pitch-perfect middle school dynamics and cheer for Meg as she navigates a toxic friendship.”— Publishers Weekly “The dynamics of shifting middle school friendships ring true, and readers will recognize themselves and their friends in Meg’s struggle with her loyalty to Beatrix, her budding friendship with Hazel, and her need to be true to herself.”— School Library Connection “Meg's first-person narration is emotive and candid. . . . Refreshingly genuine.” ― Kirkus Reviews “Fully realized characters and high-stakes yet realistic middle school dilemmas with real-world applications make this a royal addition to shelves”—

The Gauntlet & The Battle - MODERN DAY JUMANJI

I remember the first time I read The Gauntlet and I was so impressed. A modern day twist on a tale that I grew up loving, Jumanji, yet this time I could relate to it so much more. When I found out Karuna was writing a sequel I had to beg and plead for book 2, The Battle, but her publisher was amazing and sent an early copy to me. When kids ask for adventure - I send them to The Gauntlet and then follow up with The Battle. Lisa, Karuna's publicist, was able to get the interview set up and accomplished for us and even thought it was months ago when she sent them ( I am so glad to finallllly post the interview with Karuna!!!! Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself as an author and everyday person? What are your likes/dislikes? A: As an author and an everyday person, I just recently found an accurate model of who I am. If you Google the anime Nichijou – one of those cutesy, slice-of-life series about middle school students and their surreal adventures – an

Books with Foster Kids in Mind

I have curated a list thanks to friends from Twitter when a foster parent reached out to me asking for titles to share with her foster kids. She has provided me with so much positive feedback in this list and how many she has read on her own and read with them  - it truly has helped so much! I wanted to share in case anyone out there may need to recommend to a student(s) they have or even have had. If you know of any more, especially upcoming in 2020 or out in 2019 that I missed, please comment or email me and I will add! ** Edited to add new titles:  Leslie Connor - All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook - 

IMWAYR: 2.17.20

It's a long weekend for me, in Ohio. I've had 5 days off, so I used a lot of time to catch up on reading. Here are the books I finished over these past few days: Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano (Adult, but considering for 8 grade book clubs) The Serious Goose by Jimmy Kimmel (PB) Wolfpack by Abby Wambach (reread, but using it as a mentor text) The Great Upending by Beth Gephart (MG, coming soon) Where is Walt Disney World by Joan (we're going to Disney in April)  Happy Reading!

Bullet Book Review with @mrs_cmt1489

Teachers: here are resources you can access if you use Cindy's stories in your classroom; which I highly recommend! Disclaimer:  I'm a 5th grade teacher in south central Texas, what works for my kids may not work for your kids, and what does work; it may work the same or in different ways. In the end, they're all kids - they all need to be exposed to many lives, cultures, history, and experiences as possible.  I have featured Cindy quite a bit on Teachers Who Read and for good reason. Her newest release, Beginners Welcome , was one that I still haven't let go of. It just came out today, and I promise - as much I loved Where the Watermelons Grow , Beginners Welcome holds just as big a place in my heart.    *Affiliate image - click to purchase! Beginners Welcome By: Cindy Baldwin For fans of:   Authors: Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Ali Benjamin, Elly Swartz First Line(s):  "I woke on the first d

Author Spotlight: Karen Rivers

In Karen Rivers' newest MG novel, she tackles several challenges tweens will be all too familiar with-evolving friendships, wavering self-confidence, and the eventual realization that sometimes the people closest to you can hurt you the most. kit-with a lowercase k- is a relatable character that I wish I had seen in books growing up. As a person who struggles with anxiety and the parent of a child with anxiety, this book intrigued me from the start. A carefully layered book, this story is meant to be discussed. After finishing it I immediately: handed it to my nine-year-old, ordered it for book clubs, and sent a link to my school counselors so they could add it to their office libraries. Read Karen's interview below for more details!