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An Alex & Eliza Story series by Melissa De La Cruz

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great week! I’m popping in today as my stop on the blog tour for the Alex & Eliza series by Melissa De La Cruz! I hope you’re not sick of Hamilton because I think the craze is just getting stronger … it is for me, at least! This summer, the tour is stopping in Des Moines and I am so excited to go see it with my sister-in-law! If you like historical fiction where the author gets a little creative with history AND you love Hamilton, then this is the series for you. I would recommend these books for those that know at least some of the history so you can spot the liberties that De La Cruz took. I think it would have been frustrating if I was constantly wondering what was fact or not. However, a little Googling solved any of those problems pretty quick. I would also highly recommend these books to grades 6 and up that study The Revolutionary War. Although everything in the books was not completely factual, all the people and events are rea

Book Voyage Speaks: MUST HAVE Classroom Library Books!

#BookVoyage Missing some favorites!