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Books to Devour

It's one of my favorite weeks of summer- Shark Week.  Last summer Cassie featured PBs about my favorite carnivore. This summer I chose 10 books for middle grade and teen readers. If you only read one of these books, make it The Line Tender! A beautifully written book about a girl struggling to move beyond her grief-have the tissues ready. With the release of The Meg last year, my eighth graders gravitated towards nonfiction books about this ocean predator. The Devil's Teeth, Emperors of the Deep, and Fatal Voyage are technically written for adults, but they're compelling books that my students love.  Happy reading!

IMWAYR-July 22, 2019

I still have a long list of items to cross off of my summer to-do list...a whole lot of books in my TBR pile. Last week I knocked off some adult titles like On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous and The Unhoneymooners, and now I'm back to all MG and YA!  -Haley

Author Interview: Victoria J. Coe

Q. Tell us about your book, specifically the story behind the titles. A. FENWAY AND HATTIE (Putnam 2016) A dog named Fenway and a girl named Hattie move from their apartment in the city to a home in the suburbs where everything is different. And while they both face problems, you only get Fenway’s side of the story because the whole book is told from his point of view. So readers have to figure out what’s happening from Hattie’s side of things, which I think/hope makes it super fun to read! FENWAY AND HATTIE AND THE EVIL BUNNY GANG (Putnam 2017) In this first sequel, both Fenway and Hattie struggle with friendship triangles. And even worse, a neighbor’s pet bunny – who may or may not be part of the evil gang who destroyed the garden - threatens to come between THEM! FENWAY AND HATTIE UP TO NEW TRICKS (Putnam 2018) Hattie’s magician Nana is coming to visit and Hattie wants to learn her own magic tricks to impress her. But when Fenway gets

Jarod Rosello - Red Moon and Panda Bear Review

This will be a perfect addition to the graphic novels in my classroom. I found myself laughing out loud at many parts. I can see my students now loving the adventure, the monster fighting, and the relativeness of being kids going to save the world. I can't wait to put this book on my shelves!   Two Latinx kids battle supernatural threats to their working-class neighborhood with the power of science, magic, and a pair of very special hoodies. Red Panda and Moon Bear are the defenders of their community! Together, these brave siblings rescue lost cats, scold bullies, and solve mysteries, all before Mami and Papi get home. But lately... the mysteries have been EXTRA mysterious. All of RP and MB's powers may not be enough to handle spooks, supervillains, alien invaders, and time warps! It'll take all their imagination -- and some new friends -- to uncover the secret cause behind all these events before the whole world goes crazy. In his first boo

IMWAYR -- July 15

On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous  is a letter from a son to a mother who cannot read. Written when the speaker, Little Dog, is in his late twenties, the letter unearths a family’s history that began before he was born — a history whose epicenter is rooted in Vietnam — and serves as a doorway into parts of his life his mother has never known, all of it leading to an unforgettable revelation. At once a witness to the fraught yet undeniable love between a single mother and her son, it is also a brutally honest exploration of race, class, and masculinity. Asking questions central to our American moment, immersed as we are in addiction, violence, and trauma, but undergirded by compassion and tenderness,  On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous  is as much about the power of telling one’s own story as it is about the obliterating silence of not being heard.  With stunning urgency and grace, Ocean Vuong writes of people caught between disparate worlds, and asks how we heal and rescue one

The Oddmire: Book One - Changeling

*Out July 16!! I knew the minute I saw the cover for Changeling  I wanted to read it! I am a sucker for all things magic and adventure, but as I read I realized more and more that this story was about family and what exactly we would do as individuals to be there for our family. The characters, not only the boys - but their mother, were very well-developed, so much that I intend to pull out behaviors and decisions as mentor texts in my classroom. They're very easy to like - or dislike - if the character you enjoy is the one turning, or isn't. The Oddmire, Book 1: Changeling is a must-read. It is filled with magic, adventure, and curiosity. The storyline follows twin brothers, Tinn and Cole, who set out on an adventure for self-discovery (yes, one of the twins is actually a goblin, but neither truly knows who is the real goblin!). This was a fantastic read and filled with fantasy and folklore; as well as mystery and a some spooky-ness.  I already decided from