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Author Interview with Colleen Nelson

My Review: I just love Harvey the West Highland Terrier. But, be warned-this dog tale is not like any you've read. Part animal adventure, part historical fiction, students will be captivated by Harvey's antics. Told in three perspectives, readers enter the world of the Great Depression when Harvey's presence stirs up memories of Mr. Pickerington, an elderly resident of a nearby nursing home.  Readers will not be disappointed in this story of friendship, hope, and history.  Check out her interview below! Q: Without any spoilers, what’s your favorite part of Harvey’s story? A: My favourite part is the ending! I love happy endings and after Harvey’s big adventure and all the emotional ups and downs of the book, it’s nice to have a satisfying last line. (There is a second book, so it’s not a last last line…) Q: Do you prefer writing any one genre over another? Is the process any different? A: I mostly write realistic fiction and I LOVE writing middle grade books. I started out

Red Chair Press - Books to READ!

  The One Great Gnome  by Jeff Dinardo (Pub. date September 1, 2020)    This story introduces readers to the magical, hidden, and mysterious world of gnomes, elves and trolls. Eleven-year-old Sarah moves with her family from New York City to rural Connecticut. She's eager to explore her new home and meet new friends, but she never expected to befriend a dusty old garden gnome. Readers join Sarah as she is drawn into a secret world under our feet. Sarah uses her instincts to calm old rivalries and help the underworld elves, gnomes and more live peacefully together.   You can read an excerpt of the book here: ellycarlson/docs/one_great_ gnome_issuu_version .  "Plot-driven chapters that emphasize characters over world-building will draw a variety of readers into this adventure, and straightforward, humorous third-person narration keeps the twisting, turning story moving." —Kirkus "With tributes to imaginative children’s classics embedded in it, The On

Guest Blog Post: Top 5 Tips for Reluctant Readers

  Authors’ Top 5 Tips for Reluctant Readers  By Louisa Onomé   The uncertainty of world events means that we’re turning to books in more ways than ever this year. We may find ourselves going from voracious readers to only picking up one book here or there. If that’s the case, then how can we expect our kids to be any different?   Well, if anyone knows how to connect with reluctant readers, it’s the new crop of kidlit authors debuting in 2021. If debuting in (what we hope is) the tail end of a pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how to make reading exciting. Some of the 2021 YA/MG debuts have pooled together our best tips to make sure we can keep our youngsters reading all year. Let’s hear what they have to say.   “As the mother of a child with dyslexia who struggled mightily to learn to read, this topic is near and dear to my heart,” says Jessica Vitalis, author of The Wolf’s Curse (Greenwillow). “One of the most important factors in encouraging reluctant readers to develop a health

Epic Books! Unicorn Island Book 1

*Afflink  Did you know that has their own books, too? Unicorn Island was sent to me and I immediately saw their branding and was SO intrigued!!!  Unicorn Island is available HERE, as well as more information on books and the Epic website!  The first book in an illustrated series about a mysterious island will have your beginner chapter book readers hooked. I felt like the story was written with flow, description, and wonderful illustrations that brought the story to life. I'm so grateful that there are more in the series on the Epic! website, but there is still something so magical  about holding a physical book in your hands.  Sam is a young girl that has so much ambition - something that students are going to love to connect to while reading. Sam is visiting her Uncle Mitch and has zero friends, and really zero plans - then she meets Tuck and becoming friends, they also embark on their adventure. They discover the secrets of Unicorn Island and how her uncle has this

New YA MUST HAVE! Love in English by Maria E. Andreu

*Afflink Click the link to order - OUT NOW!    Just in time for Valentine's Day! The world may have many languages but the one that remains the same is love.     For Ana, a sixteen-year-old girl from Argentina, it’s the only way that she is able to be understood when she moves to New Jersey. Being unhappy in her new life, she struggles to find her place. From a new class schedule to new friends, she doesn’t feel like she fits in to a world that doesn’t “get” her. But as she tries to adjust to her new life, she finds herself falling in love with Harrison from her math class and Neo from ESL and realizes that the language of love is universal. When words seem to escape her and she can’t transcribe her thoughts, her heart and her love are what speak louder than she can.   Love in English   is a fresh, breakout YA novel that is layered with themes of immigration, cultural identity, and finding your voice in any language.   Get a sneak peek inside of the book   here ! About The Book Six

Jumbies Review and Recommendations

  Currently only $7.95 paperback on Amazon!  *Afflink The Jumbies reminds me so much of Native American stories growing up in Oklahoma, but the story brought so much more than just an old folk tale. It made me think of conversations that need to be had in classrooms about historical past of taking over land, despising someone based off differences, and not accepting others. The thought that kids can make a huge difference in changes is something I feel all students need to hear and read in any story. Currently only $7.95 paperback on Amazon!  Perfect follow up adventure after the first Jumbies. Hoping for a third. Currently only $8.69 hardback on Amazon!  Once again, I was captivated by Tracey’s storytelling. Corinne is a bad ass girl who seriously defends her friends and family until the end. This series is one I will recommend for a long time. How lucky for my students to have all three readily available; whereas, I had to wait. Wire bend, story end. If Tracey wants to write a 4th, I