If You Like, Then Try...the YA Version

It's that time of year. Crayons, Sharpies, and binders cover my kitchen counter. Papers are scattered on my bedside table, filled with ideas I think of at 2am.

School starts on August 20. I return August 15, and I can't get into my classroom yet. Which wouldn't be so bad except I moved classrooms for the second year in a row. I have over 3,000 books in my classroom library, and I'm itching to start setting up my shelves. Instead of stressing out (okay, I'm still stressing), I decided to make book recommendation posters to hang.

I purchased five clear plastic pockets from Target which will allow me to slide posters in and out without laminating. Because let's be honest-once November comes, I'll be neck-deep in everything else and won't spend the time to make these, let alone laminate them.

If you're looking for a MG version, check out Cassie's post!

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