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IMWAYR ~June 29th

Happy Monday! I know many of us have no clue what next year will look like. My district have put out some surveys, but at this time there is no concrete plan. I know that parents will have an option to enroll their children into online learning and teachers will have a choice to teach those students, but there is nothing that is saying this will actually happen.  But....I hope with all the uncertainty we all have some peace to enjoy the summer. The other day I posted a picture of my coffee cup and had a line written in it. My summer will be books on the porch next to my kids blow up pool. Not my idea of a summer because this was suppose to happen on the beach, but because of COVID plans have changed. That's okay! I still have lots of time to catch up on my reading.  Here's what we are reading this week: Comment below what you are reading this week!

The StepMom Shake Up - Niki Lenz Interview and Book Review

The Stepmom Shake Up  by Niki Lenz After Grace's mom died, she and her dad grew extra close. They have special nicknames and are always busy with new projects-like building a puppy condo for their dog, Potus- and they love learning random facts about the US presidents. Grace thinks her little family of two is perfect. Then some committee members at church suggest it's time for Dad to start dating again. And Dad agrees! Grace knows that adding a new member to the team will end in disaster. No problem! She and her best friend have a plan: Operation Stepmoom Shake-Up! But what if a little shake-up is exactly what Grace's family needs? Reverse PARENT TRAP-like antics offer a hilarious and heartwarming look at what it means to be a family. Kirkus Review: "A funny, sympathetic look at a kid grappling with family change." Join the Stepmom Shake-Up Launch Party Here:

Seven Clues to Home

Link to purchase via Brain Lair Books Link to curriculum guide Be sure to follow Nora (@noraraleighB) and Gae (@gaepol) on Twitter. If you haven't read any other their other books check out their backlists!

IMWAYR: Special Black Lives Matter Edition

Good morning readers! I have had such a heavy heart. I absolutely love this reading, teachers, and social media community I am surrounded by. Thank you for all the kind messages and the continued work you all are doing because without a change things will never get better for Black people or any person of color. I wish I could say that there is always going to be good in the world, but unfortunately that is not always true. With the recent events that have been happening I wanted to take this IMWAY to recommend books to share with others, spark conversations and change, see a light, and learn. -Andrea ANDREA   HALEY CASSIE