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Enchanted Misadventures with Great-Aunt Poppy - Review

  Spooky recommendation for this 2021 year!  *AffLink support when purchased! A typical December for the Alexanders consists of gingerbread baking, movies, and looking at Christmas lights, but after their parents are called in to work, Ava, Nolan, and Charlotte are sent to stay with their most feared relative for a week-Great-Aunt Poppy. Have mom and dad gone mad?                                                                                                                                                     Of course, the children are terrified. Who wouldn't be? No one believes them when they say that Poppy-or Groppy as they call her-is a witch. If the haunted house isn't bad enough, there are thousands of crazy cats, chaotic and deadly spells, and even worse-frightening howls from the woods that grow louder and closer every second. Something deadly lurks outside. Staying alive while living with Groppy for an entire week is-well-impossible!                                   

September + October MUST have library additions!

  Reading Round-Up!  Must have books for your middle grade classroom!  Partly Cloudy  by  Tanita S. Davis   On sale 9/7/21, Katherine Tegen Books  Ages: 8-12 MG Review:  Partly Cloudy by Tanita S. Davis gives keen insight into the many microaggressions white people enact against Black people without a thought on their impact. Because of a terrible sixth grade year at school, and a few changes in the family situation, Madalyn begins to live with her great uncle Papa Lobo during the week. She attends a new school becoming the only Black student in her grade. While she makes new friends, one begins to say and do things that make Madalyn uncomfortable and Madalyn must decide how to have the uncomfortable conversation about race. Teaching Points: Finding your voice, changing friendship, relatable fears and insecurities for middle grade kids, courage, discussing middle school struggles    Looking for a Jumbie   by  Tracey Baptiste   Illustrator:  Amber Ren On sale 9/21/21, Balzer + Bray Ages