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It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Hello, happy reader friends! It's Monday and we are excited to share what we are reading this week!  I am working today, but it is one of those rare (yet amazing) work days, so no kids. Next week we have conferences so I am working on report cards and prepping for next week!  If you are off work today or teaching, I hope your day includes some fun reading! Have a great week!    (confession: I don't have You are a Badass listed on my Goodreads account as reading because .... that title! Ha!) (so jealous of Ghost Boys - it sounds ahhhhh-mazing!) (I just went and read the synopsis for Say You'll Remember Me because I hadn't heard of it before and it sounds soooooo good!) Have a great week! 

The True Meaning of a Book

I walked into the library to hand in the books for the last time at my middle school.  I saw two of my close guy friends sitting on the couch as I looked up to say goodbye, tears from the both of them filled their eyes and I was completely taken aback. I'll never forget when one of my friends looked at me and said, "Cassie, I am so sorry it came to this. Please know that we don't want you to leave. It's stupid, they're stupid. Don't listen to the things that they say. Please. We don't want you to move." I gave him a hug, said my goodbyes and walked towards the front office.  I had had enough. My family had had enough. My mom was allowing me to withdrawal from the school district I had grown up in to move somewhere where I knew no one, all in part to avoiding the "mean girls", their families, and the constant drama that followed. I wish I had kept a journal of the day-to-day interactions that occurred between myself and the "pop

Haley's January Reads

I spent January reading books that I'd been wanting to read but just hadn't gotten to yet. And, boy these books didn't disappoint!  Love, Hate, & Other Filters is an #ownvoices novel that cleverly weaves together two stories. Maya, an Indian girl in a nearly all-white school, and a terrorist plotting an attack in Maya's town.  In Sight of Stars isn't out until March, but go ahead and pre-order this one now! A little bit Challenger Deep and a little bit All the Bright Places, Polisner's book puts mental health in the forefront as Klee (pronounced Clay), struggles with his emotions after his father dies.  My 7-year-old read Dog Man: A Tale of Two Kitties aloud to me. In this book, Dog Man has a new nemesis-Petey the Cat's new partner. My son loved the story, and I loved the Dickenson allusions on nearly every page! Another yet-to-be-released book I finished this month was Puddin , by Julie Murphy. I adored Dumplin', and this follow