Jumbies Review and Recommendations


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The Jumbies reminds me so much of Native American stories growing up in Oklahoma, but the story brought so much more than just an old folk tale. It made me think of conversations that need to be had in classrooms about historical past of taking over land, despising someone based off differences, and not accepting others. The thought that kids can make a huge difference in changes is something I feel all students need to hear and read in any story.

Currently only $7.95 paperback on Amazon! 
Perfect follow up adventure after the first Jumbies. Hoping for a third.

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Once again, I was captivated by Tracey’s storytelling. Corinne is a bad ass girl who seriously defends her friends and family until the end. This series is one I will recommend for a long time. How lucky for my students to have all three readily available; whereas, I had to wait.
Wire bend, story end.

If Tracey wants to write a 4th, I wouldn’t be sad about it😜.

So, once you finish the series. I highly suggest reading aloud The Jumbies to your middle grade classes. The writing is phenomenal and there's so much plot and character development, it truly brings the imagery to life. 

Here are some recommendations for your students after they fall in love with The Jumbies.

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