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The world may have many languages but the one that remains the same is love.

    For Ana, a sixteen-year-old girl from Argentina, it’s the only way that she is able to be understood when she moves to New Jersey. Being unhappy in her new life, she struggles to find her place. From a new class schedule to new friends, she doesn’t feel like she fits in to a world that doesn’t “get” her. But as she tries to adjust to her new life, she finds herself falling in love with Harrison from her math class and Neo from ESL and realizes that the language of love is universal. When words seem to escape her and she can’t transcribe her thoughts, her heart and her love are what speak louder than she can. Love in English is a fresh, breakout YA novel that is layered with themes of immigration, cultural identity, and finding your voice in any language. Get a sneak peek inside of the book here!

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Description automatically generatedAbout The Book

Sixteen-year-old Ana is a poet and a lover of language. Except that since she moved to 

New Jersey from Argentina, she can barely find the words to express how she feels.


At first Ana just wants to return home. Then she meets Harrison, the very cute, very American 

boy in her math class, and discovers the universal language of racing hearts. But when 

she begins spending time with Neo, the Greek Cypriot boy from ESL, Ana wonders how 

figuring out what her heart wants can be even more confusing than the grammar they’re

 both trying to master. After all, the rules of English may be confounding, but there are no 

rules when it comes to love.

With playful and poetic breakouts exploring the idiosyncrasies of the English language, 

Love in English is witty and effervescent, while telling a beautifully observed story about

what it means to become “American.” 


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Description automatically generatedAbout The Author 

Maria E. Andreu is a writer and author of the forthcoming Love in English (Balzer + Bray, 2021) 

as well as an as-yet untitled book (B+B, 2022) . Her work has appeared in Newsweek

The Washington Post,, and the Newark Star Ledger. Her debut young adult novel, 

The Secret Side of Empty is a Junior Library Guild Selection, a National Indie Excellence

 Book Award winner, an International Latino Book Awards Finalist and has been called 

“captivating” by School Library Journal. Maria is Latinx and Argentinian-American and 

currently lives in New Jersey with her two children.

Maria’s interest in the immigration rights movement stems from her own childhood and

 adolescence experiences with being undocumented in the United States.  

She obtained her U.S. citizenship thanks to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.


Sixteen year old Ana has recently moved to New Jersey from her homeland of Argentina. 

Not only is she the new student on campus, but she is also learning a new language, 

and trying to “become” American. The prose throughout this story is exceptional. 

Not only is it poetic, it is also humorous as Ana navigates the nuances of the English 

language. “How can a crane be a bird and a piece of machinery at the same time.” 

This is just one example of the thoughts Ana has as she learns new words and tries to 

make sense of the words flying out of her classmates.

Ana meets Harrison in math class and Neo in ESL class. Each of these boys play a role 

in teaching her more about English, America, the that some things (like love) are universal 

across all languages.

This was such a sweet, tender YA story. I was cheering for Ana and for love to prevail 

with the turn of every page and (without giving away the details) I was extremely pleased 

with the conclusion.

I also enjoyed reading this as an opportunity to learn more about how my ESL students 

may be thinking, feeling, and experiencing school. I know reading this has provided me 

with greater understanding of some of my favorite students.

*As someone who teaches in a district that is very ESL/ELL heavy. This story I immediately

took to our ESL teacher and wanted her to immediately put in some 8th graders hands. 

A story to no longer feel that you are isolated, but also for students to see those that come 

in need of language acquisition support and what/how they also feel. 

I am so glad this story is out in the world. 


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  1. “Fantastic writing allows readers to connect with the characters, especially the main character Rutherford in this book. Great story for upper elementary to early middle school readers. It is well written with a wonderful story. I would recommend this to others and it would be a nice book for school libraries to enjoy too. I look forward to the next book in the series!”

    The International Review of Books

    February 19, 2021

    TO: Teachers Who Read
    FROM: John Madormo, Published Middle-Grade Author
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    Rutherford, Canine Comic is a middle-grade novel told from the perspective of the title character. It features the exploits of a basset hound whose only goal in life is to become a faithful and fearless family watchdog. But when an accident with a pickup truck on a dark dirt road leaves Rutherford with two broken legs, his dreams of protecting the hearth soon fade. His back legs are placed in casts, and he is fitted with a cart on wheels to help him get around.

    Rutherford reluctantly accepts the fact that he must now find a new career—one that will pay the bills. He turns to the glitz and glamour of the stage, and a career as a stand-up comedian, a decision which unfortunately presents more than the fame and fortune he is expecting. Rutherford soon experiences a host of misadventures for which he is unprepared.

    I hope you will consider reviewing Rutherford, Canine Comic, a 51,000-word manuscript intended for grades 3 through 6. The novel was released in September of 2020 by Zumaya Publications. I can provide you with a paperback copy or an electronic copy (PDF, Kindle, epub), whichever you prefer. Here is a link to the book's website.

    A little personal background: I currently have a middle-grade series with Penguin Books for Young Readers titled Charlie Collier, Snoop for Hire. I am also a screenwriter. I sold a family comedy screenplay to a producer in LA.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

    John Madormo


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