Epic Books! Unicorn Island Book 1


Did you know that getepic.com has their own books, too? Unicorn Island was sent to me and I immediately saw their branding and was SO intrigued!!! 

Unicorn Island is available HERE, as well as more information on books and the Epic website! 

The first book in an illustrated series about a mysterious island will have your beginner chapter book readers hooked. I felt like the story was written with flow, description, and wonderful illustrations that brought the story to life. I'm so grateful that there are more in the series on the Epic! website, but there is still something so magical about holding a physical book in your hands. 

Sam is a young girl that has so much ambition - something that students are going to love to connect to while reading. Sam is visiting her Uncle Mitch and has zero friends, and really zero plans - then she meets Tuck and becoming friends, they also embark on their adventure. They discover the secrets of Unicorn Island and how her uncle has this connection with mythical creatures, BUT YET.... 

This story is adorable - probably more early middle grade readers, but it's imaginative and easy to follow even though they may be able to figure it out - it's a great book to put in the hands of readers who may be more unaware of what books they love to read. 

I love all of the layers and the character building moments. 

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  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad you liked Unicorn Island. :) It was super fun to write and Bethany Stancliffe did an amazing job bringing the story to life with her illustrations! I love writing magical elements set in the real world. And I'm excited to share that the next book, Secret Beneath the Sand, releases on Epic! in a 5-part serial this May followed with hardcover next winter.


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