It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Hello, happy reader friends! It's Monday and we are excited to share what we are reading this week! 

I am working today, but it is one of those rare (yet amazing) work days, so no kids. Next week we have conferences so I am working on report cards and prepping for next week! 

If you are off work today or teaching, I hope your day includes some fun reading! Have a great week! 

 Image result for dumplin julie murphyImage result for you are a badass

(confession: I don't have You are a Badass listed on my Goodreads account as reading because .... that title! Ha!)

Image result for waiting for augustaImage result for ghost boys book

(so jealous of Ghost Boys - it sounds ahhhhh-mazing!)

Image result for truly devious bookSay You'll Remember Me

(I just went and read the synopsis for Say You'll Remember Me because I hadn't heard of it before and it sounds soooooo good!)

Have a great week! 


  1. I think I need to read You Are a Badass - I could use some of that sassy self-confidence! :-)

  2. I've read lots of great things about Dumplin. I hope you have a lovely reading week!


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