The Wolf's Curse - Review and Interview!

 The Wolf's Curse - Review and Interview! 


Twelve-year-old Gauge's life has been cursed since the day he witnessed an invisible Great White Wolf steal his grandpapá's soul, preventing it from reaching the Sea-in-the-Sky and sailing into eternity. When the superstitious residents of Bouge-by-the-Sea accuse the boy of crying wolf, he joins forces with another orphan to prove his innocence. They navigate their shared grief in a journey that ultimately reveals life-changing truths about the wolf--and death. Narrated in a voice reminiscent of The Book Thief, this fast-paced adventure is perfect for fans of fantasy such as The Girl Who Drank the Moon and A Wish in the Dark.

The Wolf's Curse is an absolutely beautiful story full of metaphorical context that will rope you in and pull you under. A story about grief, but also about family, true friendship, loss, and hope. The Wolf was full of wisdom, humor, and compassion to a point where I was so amazed with Jessica's way of thinking turned to writing a beautiful story. 

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