INTRODUCING! Read to Lead - Literacy BLITZ!



Read to Lead is: 

    A FREE game-based literacy program to help boost student engagement and achievement. 

    Choose from a library of online learning games, lessons, and projects that support CASEL’s Social-Emotional Framework and align to College and Career Readiness standards. Bonus: Use filters to find learning games for your students based on the skills they need to develop the most!" (See screenshots below! Just an intro to the skills offered!)

    Allow students to build literacy and social-emotional competencies within the context of an immersive “day at work” so students can connect the dots between school and their future.

    Invite students to take on the role as the “boss” in a virtual workplace scenario and watch student agency and confidence soar. Build friendly competition with the national leaderboard that counts every word read in classrooms around the country!

Games for grade 5-9! 

Here’s how you can get started engaging your students and be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

  Create your free Read to Lead account!

 Choose which Blitz you’ll do first (Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary Development, or Social Emotional Learning.)

 Start assigning the learning games to your students! (Hint, they are all linked in your bundle for easy access!)

How can I fit this in?: 

Several ways to utilize Read to Lead include (aside from the above listed): 

  • Warm up
  • Exit ticket
  • Themed day
  • Tutoring
  • Extra practice
  • Early finisher
  • Assessment prep 

Head to my Instagram page: @cassie.m.thomas to see Read to Lead in action all this week! 
Sign up for your FREE account TODAY! 

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