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About The Conjurers #1, Rise of the Shadow

• Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers (July 28, 2020)
• Hardcover: 240 pages

Siblings Emma and Alex tumble into a secret world where magic is real and skilled illusionists can perform actual tricks–for better or worse. Perfect for fans of the Magic Misfits and the Land of Stories series.

After their parents vanished, Alex and Emma are sent to live with strict Uncle Mordo. Only Emma’s pet rabbit, Pimawa, keeps them company. But when flying skeletons called Rag-o-Rocs storm their once-quiet home, the kids escape just in time with Pimawa leading the way.

The rabbit takes the siblings to the Conjurian, a land where magic exists and Pimawa can talk. But the Conjurian is in trouble. Magic has been disappearing, and the Shadow Conjurer, the most mysterious sorcerer of all, is on the hunt for the Eye of Dedi, an object so powerful it could destroy the Conjurian and human worlds. The battle to control all magic has begun. There’s only one problem: Alex and Emma don’t have any!

Masterful storytelling and dozens of captivating illustrations fill author-illustrator Brian Anderson’s world with charm and intrigue. Fall under the spell of the Conjurers.

My Review:

It doesn't take long to fall head first into the magical land, the Conjurian. Action-packed, with monsters and smugglers abound, be sure to have the next book ready because this one has a cliffhanger!

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About Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson is the creator of the syndicated comic strip “Dog eat Doug”, which enjoys an international fan base both on and offline. He is an optioned screenwriter and the author of several children’s books, including “Nighty Night, Sleepy Sleeps” and “Monster Chefs”. He is currently working on the upcoming YA series, “The Conjurers” with Crown Publishing.

Find out more about Brian on his website, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.


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