On My Way Home by Joseph Trencher


Indiana Jones meets Wizard of Oz-esque fairy tale settings. Amen finds himself on an adventure for treasure (a fairytale all kids hope to have become a reality). As Amen is on the hunt for this treasure he starts in the harsh desert, moving through fantastical settings such as a dangerous forest, enchanted cave, frozen mountain peak, and a castle unlike anything he’s seen before up in the clouds. (think Disney movies - KIDS WILL LOVE). As he embarks on this journey, as with any journey in life, decisions are made. Lessons are learned. Lessons that impact a young boy for the rest of his time. Amen meets many new faces. Some of these faces are friendly and others, not so much (hello adulthood). This story is one to read together, as adults and kids. Reminds me of the perfect bedtime story, full of adventure and hints of fantasy, history, and real life lessons. Out on Amazon and currently 2.99 for kindle! 


Synopsis: On a day like any other, a young child named Amen is suddenly recruited by an old man to search for buried treasure. Amen’s journey starts in the desert markets, but winds through caves, jungles and mountains. This adventure of a lifetime challenges Amen and forces the child to overcome the most extreme obstacles imaginable. After a while, the main objective shifts from holding on to the treasure and simply becomes getting back home in one piece.On My Way Home is a fictional, fantasy story like the fairy tales we all heard in our youth. It follows a clever child who navigates difficult situations, both natural and man-made. It is a novel that families can enjoy together, with some important life lessons that are hallmarks of classic coming of age tales.

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