Distance Learning Book Clubs

Hi friends! I wanted to share with you how I am doing book clubs through distance learning. I gave students the option to choose from a list of Audiobooks that they all have available to them from their devices at home. Typically they would all have a physical copy, work is groups of 3-4, and we would meet and discuss daily, BUT given the circumstance it's all via an online platform. They could choose from the list which book to start their empathy book club study. Every two days they are to write a reading response answering certain questions. We are on WEEK 3, but WEEK 2 of the study, so I will add more questions as I pose them to the students throughout the weeks. They have three options to write their responses:
  • Hand write - take a picture and email it to me 
  • Write it in the body of an email
  • Write it on Notability or Google Doc and add to it daily and send to me

After they get finished, they are then to do an empathy one pager which I will attach the directions and the rubric to. On the BACK of the empathy one pager they have to write a PROPER summary of their story, without giving away any big information. (This is still so hard for my 5th grade babies) 

Here were the books they could choose from: 

Click here to view the sheets above. As I add in more they will appear! 

Here is the empathy one pager rubric and directions!

If you have any questions let me know!!!


  1. Can you explain your signposts for me?
    Words of the Wiser = new/ interesting vocabulary words?
    AHA Moments = Things you realize about the character as you go through the story, connections
    Contrasts and Contradictions = ?? I need help with this
    Tough Questions = ? Things the kids don't understand, Questioning character motive/ action?
    Memory Moment = Favorite part/ something major or touching in that chapter?
    Do you have a reference sheet of this that you give the kids? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Signposts come from the work of Kylene Beers and Bob Probst in their book Notice and Note: Strategies for Close Reading. There are signposts for non-fiction as well.

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