Blog Tour: Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak

Welcome to Teachers Who Read for the second stop of the Brief Chronicle of Another Stupid Heartbreak blog tour! I am so excited to host today because my 8 graders devour Adi Alsaid's books! This novel, like his others, was the perfect will-they-or-won't-they story. Releases today!


Has heartbreak broken her for good?
Dumped by her boyfriend the summer after senior year, teen love and relationship columnist Lu Charles has hit a wall with her writing. The words just won’t come to her like they used to and if she doesn’t find a topic for her column, she’ll lose her gig at hip online magazine Misnomer, and the college scholarship that goes along with it.
Her best friend, Pete, thinks she should write through her own pain, but when Lu overhears another couple planning a precollege breakup just like hers, she becomes convinced that they’re the answer to cracking her writer’s block. And when she meets them—super-practical Iris and cute, sweet Cal—and discovers they’re postponing their breakup until the end of the summer, she has to know more.
Have Cal and Iris prolonged their own misery by staying together, knowing the end is in sight? Or does the secret to figuring out all this love business—and getting over it—lie with them? One thing is certain—if Lu can’t make a breakthrough before summer is over, she can kiss her future goodbye.
From the acclaimed author of Let’s Get Lost and North of Happy comes a touching exploration of love, relationships and the pain of breaking up.


  • Characters: The best aspect of this book was its characters. That inner turmoil that bubbles up as you're getting ready to leave high school behind was captured perfectly. Lu knows that most high school romances don't last. But she just can't let her ex go. What if they're better off friends? What if he's the one, but she doesn't fight for him? Navigating these questions was all too familiar! As much as I liked hearing Lu's inner thoughts,  perhaps my favorite character was Lu's best friend Pete, who offers no-so-tactful advice about Lu's love life. 
  • Setting: This is the perfect time of year for this book. As Lu follows Cal and Iris, she goes on adventures around NYC.  If you have a senior in your life who's still trying to figure out what to do at the end of the year, this book is for them. 

This was a quick and fun read perfect for the start of summer! 

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