Reading Life in 5th Grade: Part Five + a giveaway

Our 5th Grade Reading Life - Final Post: 

Good morning fellow educators! I have had such a great time reflecting on this past year and documenting things I definitely want to implement/change/continue for next year. It always helps to really pay attention to the things that we know didn't go so well but also the things that did. I had a really great year building readers. We did so much that truly built their confidence and I was blown away at the end of the year. I want to continue that same confidence building and let it trickle in through writing and then next year also social studies. 

These are my, hopefully, summer PD reads! Any of you read, or want to read together?? 

My next professional development read is A Novel Approach by Kate Roberts. I have heard amazing things and I know that I want to learn more about how novels work in the classroom. I have always done novel lit circles a little differently that an entire class approach. Sidenote: Tried a whole class approach this year, hated it, only a few kids truly took anything away and I could feel the annoyance of reading creeping in for some and I was so mad at myself. I knew better. Typically how I run genre clubs is where we do a read aloud together, discuss the things they should be looking for (signposts, genre basics, theme, language, etc.) and then they go to their groups of 3/4 and apply that to their group book. This is where I provide multiple texts of that genre for them to choose from. The texts range from all different levels as well. I know how important choice is and especially in the form of learning, I wanted them to have that freedom to choose what book they wanted to break apart together. This has always been the most beneficial way we have discussed comprehension strategies. I know that a lot of my copies I have purchased, but again, Donors Choose, Amazon Wishlists, public library, or even reach out to your school librarian. We are a big district and I needed multiple copies of The Wild Robot and our librarian requested from each school that had them and in a matter of 2 days I had 5 copies! Use your resources!! :) 

There may be times where I have them record their thinking during/after. I don't take it to an extensive length. Again, I don't want to burn them out on the reading. I want discussions to happen, I want questions to  arise, I want them to wonder things about the authors way of writing the way she/he did. The notice and note signposts answer everything I feel like the kids need to know through all genres. 

These were kept up all year long, and looking back I totally should have referenced more, but I did find students using them in their reading responses which was all on them! 

I want to share a picture of our classroom this year and then scroll down for a giveaway!! :) 

I am so excited that you all stuck with me the last few days and I want to do a giveaway for one of Donalyn's books as well as 3 of my personal favorites, rather that be a YA or MG set! Please fill out the Google Form below! I will choose a winner Wednesday, June 13! 

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