EngiNerds by Jarrett Lerner - A Student/Teacher Dual Review!

Happy New Year, friends! At the end of 2017, I got incredibly busy and did not post near as many student/teacher reviews as I would have liked to post! To fix that, I figured I would start the new year right and post a review on the FIRST day of 2018! Look for more reviews like this in 2018! 

Mattalyn, one of my amazing fourth-grade students, co-wrote a review of EngiNerds by Jarrett Lerner a couple months ago (yeah, that's how behind I was!). The entire class laughed after I drew her name to write the review with me because she is very well-known for wanting to be an engineer when she grows up! :) 

What is this book about? What was the plot?
Mattalyn’s answer: (robots, there are 18 of them.)      It is about a group of kids called the EngiNerds, and they all get secret packages sent to them. The packages are robots that made themselves! The robots are extremely dangerous after you see what they can do. They digest foods with bullets that shot out of their butts! And the robots are eating machines! (literally.) They eat anything and everything, soon they start to escape their owner’s house and go attack random people for food! Who is sending out these robots to everybody? And how can we stop the robots from destroying everything?

Mrs. Kuehler’s answer: Robots! What kid doesn’t want a robot? When I was a kid I loved The Jetson’s and I thought when I was older, that robots would be doing all my chores.that couldnt be further from the truth today! Well, maybe it could be true I know there are Roombas that vacuum the floor for you now! Anyway back to the topic  In this book, Ken gets a mysterious package that turns out to be a robot named Greeg. Greeg eats lots of food called “combestibles” which he “disposes” of later in a very funny way (you will have to read the book to find out how!). Soon, Ken realizes that having his own robot is not as great it sounds and reasoning with artificial intelligence is practically impossible....

What genre is this book? What type of reader would enjoy this book?
Mattalyn’s answer: The book is science fiction you could say, it is probably is for ages 8-12 like Mrs. Kuehler said and same as Mrs. Kuehler also that this book is for kids who laugh when their teacher says butt.

Mrs. Kuehler’s answer: This book is for middle-grade readers (ages 8-12) and is science fiction. Readers that laugh when their teacher says the word “butt” will love this one Im not telling you why though. ;)

What was your favorite part or detail from the book? Why?
Mattalyn’s answer: When the Enginerds came together to stop the robots from marching on a store at the end of the book. Why? Because all the Enginerds hate each other, well most of them anyway, and it was awesome to hear that they finally became transformed from being enemies to being friends!

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