Student/Teacher Dual Review - The Swallow by Charis Cotter

Here we are looking scared because this book was creepy!

  • What is The Swallow about?
    • Finlay’s answer: The Swallow is about two kids, Rose and Polly who are completely different. Rose is a girl that looks like she could be a ghost.Polly is a girl that has a big family and likes to be alone.Together they start to solve a mystery what they find out will be strange.

    • Mrs. Kuehler’s answer: Two girls, Rose and Polly are neighbors and they couldn’t be more different. One is quiet and looks like she could be a ghost. The other is outgoing and energetic. The two do become friends and try to solve a mystery together. What they end up finding out will blow you away…

  • Who do you think would like this book? Do you have to enjoy scary books to enjoy this book?
    • Finlay’s answer: I think if you are the kind of person that likes scary books that have a big mystery you’ll like this book. This book has it’s scary moments and not that scary moments.

    • Mrs. Kuehler’s answer: I think fans of Goosebumps might like this if they want something a little more than just a scary tale. This book definitely had it’s moments where it was scary, but by the end it didn’t feel as scary and I appreciated that. You definitely don’t have to be a huge fan of scary books to enjoy this one.

  • There are two main characters in this book. How are they alike and how are they different?
    • Finlay’s answer: Well, Polly and Rose aren’t that alike. Rose is small and ghost like some people think that’s she’s scary.Rose has long crazy hair and a pale face.Polly couldn’t look more alive she has straight brown hair and rosy cheeks.Polly is always anxious or wanting to be alone. Rose can see ghosts and Polly wants to see ghosts. Rose wishes she didn’t see ghosts she hates seeing them.Polly wants to stand out but it seems like no one notices her. Rose wants to blend in but she stands out.

    • Mrs. Kuehler’s answer: Rose and Polly couldn’t be more different. Rose is okay with blending in and not standing out, in fact she tries hard not to stand out because she doesn’t want what happened to her aunt to happen to her. Rose can see ghosts, like her aunt could, and she hates it.  Polly works hard to stand out because she lives with a loud, boisterous family.  Polly is dying to see a ghost and wishes she could see them like Rose can.

  • Without giving anything away, was the ending a surprise?
    • Finlay’s answer: Yes, very.The twist was very surprising I thought if that was going to happen it’d be the other way around.The twist was kind of sad and exciting

    • Mrs. Kuehler’s answer: YES! I did not see the twist coming and that just made me love the story more. I like it when an author can surprise me.

  • If you were to talk with the author, what would you want to know?
    • Finlay’s answer: I would want to know where she got the idea for the twist and the characters.
    • Mrs. Kuehler’s answer: I would want to know if she based the characters of Rose and Polly on anyone she knows and where she got the idea for the book.

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