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In her search for answers, Sesha must find a priceless scroll for the pharaoh.

Sesha and Ky, children of the pharaoh’s royal physician, are left charming snakes and stealing food to survive after a brutal fire takes their parents and their home.

Unsure of whom to trust, the pair are found and brought back to the palace, despite misgivings that the royals are somehow involved in their parents’ deaths. Sesha is tasked with finding the rare and valuable medical document her father was transcribing for the pharaoh, who needs it urgently for his upcoming campaign.

Befriended by another scribe and a young princess, Sesha must navigate palace intrigue and temple treachery while desperately seeking the priceless scroll that not only has the power to reveal the circumstances around her parents’ death and mitigate any casualties of battle, but may also be the only thing that can save her brother’s life.

Student Reviews: 
"I loved the adventure set in Egypt! It made me want to learn more about their culture!" 

"I never got bored reading this story, usually this type of story drags on and on, but the adventures they had to go on to get answers was awesome!"

"I couldn't stop reading it. I read it in one night after school!" 

Teacher Review: 
I had a few students read prior to my reading because I had a few others to get through on TBR and their reviews did not disappoint - I was so excited to dive in even though this storyline is nothing like what I typically read. 

I found myself really into the characters and their story line - I was rooting for Sesha hard the whole time. I love reading about girl protagonists who aren't afraid to get dirty and fix a man's problem ;). 

The Kirkus Review was AMAZING


Sesha and her friends must decide where their future lies.

Forced to abandon her brother and the priceless scroll that saved his life, Sesha, joined by Paser and Reb, flee Thebes, venturing up the Nile and into deshart, the red lands. They are in search of a hidden oasis and Princes Merat, who was given to a Hyksos chieftain against her will.

Led by a freed spy, the friends battle endless dunes, unrelenting heat and blinding sandstorms before straggling into the Hyksos camp, where the rebels prepare for combat. As they spend time with the tribe, the lines in the sand blur and Sesha wonders if there’s anything she can do to prevent war. When she takes on a secret mission and learns of a prophecy that could change the course of history, Sesha and the others must decide where their loyalties — and futures — lie.

Teacher Review:
So, obviously my students are ready to get this second one in their hands, and I love when characters stick with kids so much they want more. 

There is so much to enjoy about this book (and this series) that I know kids will devour. I have students constantly asking me for mystery solving books with spies, and even danger, but they aren't ready for murder mystery yet. This is a great suggestion to cover all of those bases in the middle grade. 

Sesha is still amazing and such a fun character to follow and relate with. Even if your students don't all relate to Sesha, there is a character for almost anyone I felt like. 

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