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Friends! We are back! 

Today we are going to share student reviews for the upcoming release of The Hunt for the Mad Wolf's Daughter.

I have had SEVERAL fifth graders DEVOUR the series (so much they held the second book to their chest the instant I put it in their hands.) #RealTalk it is THAT good.

"Emerick is definitely good for the series, but not for Drest." 

" I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, to anyone who has read The Unicorn Chronicles or The Unicorn Quest." 

" I would describe Drest as stubborn, but strong willed. As much as I hate to admit, those traits reflect my own personal life." 

"Still curious about why Drest has voices in her head in her brother's voice, why can't she just think it?"

"Definitely ready for the next one!"

"It was amazing! I love how adventurous and different the story line was. Drest usually wouldn't be someone who would do that. It would be Emerick or someone like that if this was another story. But since she's a girl, it's different - girls sadly wouldn't fight, they wouldn't adventure, but this breaks that barrier."

I would recommend this to anyone who is in need of a good book, because I know that there is some books that don't suit the adventurous need, but this one definitely does! 

I wanted to share a few more reviews from teacher friends across the US! This is by all means, a must buy series! 

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Hmmmm... how to give this sequel the praise it deserves without spoilers?

Well, it’s simple: The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter is one of the best sequels I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. If you haven’t read it, read its predecessor, The Mad Wolf’s Daughter, first. This one begins shortly after the first one ends, and assumes (rightly) that you are familiar with both characters and conflicts.

Yet it’s so much more. Drest’s personal journey of discovery, the power of women, and the true bonds of friendship are all at play in The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter. These lessons learned by Drest, her father, and other supporting characters are deftly woven through a plot that is SO fast-paced and gripping that I found myself clenching my jaw in worry and anticipation of what would happen next. The chapter ending cliff-hangers meant that an evening watching a movie with my husband would have to be put off until I finished.

And he sat with me as I continued to read, unable to put this book down, watched me tear up, then both outwardly cry and gasp out loud as I neared the end. And right now, having finished, I am a bit sad. I already miss Drest, her family, and her friends. I miss her growth, her unwavering courage, and her thoughtfulness.

I am grateful to Penguin Kids and to Diane Magras for sharing the continuation of this remarkable heroine with my #bookexpedition reading group. It is SO rare to find a female protagonist who is portrayed as unflinching and brave, not needing to check her actions or words with a man, who stays true to who she is. I cannot wait to share her with my students, especially those who’ve read TMWD and gasped aloud when I showed them the sequel! A classroom, school, and public library MUST!

Jan 28, 2019
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Thank you so much to the author and Penguin Kids for sharing an ARC with our #bookexpedition group!

Note: If you haven’t read Magras’ first book, The Mad Wolf’s Daughter, do that first prior to enjoying this one.

The Hunt for the Mad Wolf’s Daughter picks up right where book one ends. Drest is wanted for the (false) murder of Emerick, the true Lord Faintree, by his traitorous Uncle Oswyn. She needs to get Emerick home to his castle to prove he’s alive and that Oswyn is a fraud. Tough task, with everyone looking for revenge on Drest after Oswyn puts a price on her head.

I think I loved this one more than the first because I knew the characters so well. It was great to hear more from Drest’s war-band brothers and Da and see her friendship with Tig grow. The action is fast paced and each chapter ends with the reader wanting MORE.

My absolute favorite thing about this book is Drest. I loved watching her develop into her own person while making tough decisions along the way.

Highly recommend for MG classrooms and libraries. Publishes in March 2019. 

Feb 27, 2019
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I couldn't wait to see what happened next with Drest, and the author did not disappoint! This book provides the fast-paced adventure I'd come to expect. But what I love most about this book is Drest's growth. In the midst of life-altering circumstances, she comes to terms with who she is and learns to assert herself, even when those she loves may not approve. Drest is endearing because she's brave, but always evaluating and considerate of others. I also adore her companions, Emerick and Tig, who see her as an equal among men (a rarity indeed). Five stars! 

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Shelves: 2019-03
A huge thank you to the author and Penguin Kids for providing #bookportage with an ARC of her upcoming release. I actually approached Diane about sharing an ARC with us because THE MAD WOLF'S DAUGHTER was one of my favorite reads last year, and I couldn't wait to read about Drest's next adventure. Sequels can sometimes lack some of the excitement of the first book, but it's possible that I enjoyed this book as much (dare I say more?) than the first one.

In this adventure, Drest is wanted...for murder. Lord Faintree (Emerick)'s uncle has convinced everyone that she killed Emerick, and now they want revenge. Drest is faced with the tasks of finding a way to get Emerick back where he belongs, clearing her name, and figuring out what to do with herself if she can't. There's a lot of soul searching for Drest to do in the midst of running for her life.

There are many reasons I truly love this book. The action is fast-moving; there is rarely a dull moment so the reader is fully absorbed. The chapters are short and usually end at a point that eagerly propels you to the next one. Drest is a fully developed character with many strengths, yet in this book we also see her developing into her own person instead of a compliant follower of the Mad Wolf's war-band. I loved watching her make her own decisions, even at a cost, because she was finding her own path.

If you enjoyed THE MAD WOLF'S DAUGHTER, I highly encourage you to pre-order this book for your collection. If you have yet to read it, this would be a perfect time to pick it up. This is a must-read middle grade book of 2019.

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