What My 5th Graders Are Reading

Time for another round of What Are My 5th Graders Reading? (And Loving!)

When it's ridiculously cold outside (a real feel of -22!!!) you turn on the "fireplace" and cozy up with a book, riiiiight? 

You can probably quickly tell what my students are reading for their reading groups We are knee deep into our historical fiction unit and most of my class is reading Fever, Chains or Stella By Starlight. All three have really grabbed their attention and many are reading beyond their assigned pages who can say no when a student asks if he/she can read on?! I just can’t say no to ANYONE wanting to read more!

Books also making the rounds in my room are The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise, Amulet (not pictured), and a cookbook (also not pictured). Yes, I said a cookbook. They are LOVING IT. 

What have your students been loving lately?

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