What are my 5th graders reading?

Happy 2019 y'all! We are back in the full swing of 5th grade and I wanted to pop on here and share with you all what my students are reading. 

I made a post yesterday on my Instagram about how PROUD I am of my babies. Since Monday I have continuously ADDED time to our independent reading time because they have been so engaged. It was dead silent and every single student was 100% into their book. Y'all - as a teacher, that is the ONE thing that makes my eyes get a little teary. I STRIVE for all my kids to leave here with a joy of reading and a lot won't ever tell you that, but 30+ minutes of solid reading and followed by moans whenever we have to stop is their way of telling me without actually telling me.... So, with that being said: What are my kiddos so interested in? 

Here are some pictures of books they currently have that I took pictures of while they were at lunch! 

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