Children of Jubilee

As a kid, I always dreamed of doing adventures on my own. I would use my imagination and escape to a whole different world where I had to fight bad guys and figure out ways to survive. When I think back to my time when I lived by the lake and how I would walk down to the neighborhood docks just to pretend and have all of these amazing adventures - the Children of Exile series fits into that thought perfectly. If I could have recreated and wrote about one of my "missions" - Margaret Peterson Haddix did just that, and executed perfectly. 

The Children of Exile series is a three part series. The first book: Children of Exile was beyond un-put-down-able. I luckily had the second, Children of Refuge, right then too so I was able to continue the story line. I then had to wait for the third Children of Jubilee (out now!).

 This was my review of the first in the series: As if Haddix wasn’t already the Sci-Fi queen… I have had several friends recommend this book and then her sequel, so I had to get Children of Exile in my reading vocabulary, and o m g. I by no means ever thought I would be intrigued by science fiction, but this story seriously had me hanging on the edge of my seat for every single conversation, every movement, every thought. What would happen? What is happening? If this happens next, the whole story could take a turn for the worst. 

Student who find themselves curious about outside worlds, aliens, the unknown, I highly, highly recommend. 

Here are three of my close friends and their thoughts: 

 My review of book 2 (Children of Refuge): 

Queen of sci-fi has done it again y'all. Just finished Refuge and am speechless, need book3 NOW! This storyline is so futuristic in a complete alien anarchy fighting to take over the entire Earth basically. Rosi and Edwy's stories are ones you will cling to and hope for positive outcomes. Exile is from Rosi's POV and already out, Refuge is Edwy's story and out in September! You don't want to pass up MPH's stories in your classroom!

Again, here are some friends thoughts on the series who teach middle grades or are librarians:

And finally... the final release to the Children of Exile series: Children of Jubilee! 

I absolutely loved the way the series ended. Please take note though, if you have not read the first two - there are spoilers, so you definitely need to read the first two before finishing out with Children of Jubilee. This story is told from Kiandra's point of view which is definitely different than how the first two were. 

At the end of the last book, Children of Refuge, the children were forced to run due to the Enforcers coming in to take control of their city. You begin reading and do feel like they have successfully gotten away only to be sorely mistaken. The Enforcers then capture the children and they transport them to another planet. The kids have to work together to figure out how to outsmart the Enforcers and regain their lives as usual. 

I will definitely miss following the kids and their story. Once you get through all three you discover how truly invested you are in their lives and making sure they are okay. Their courage was something that all students will need to see and hear. Even if your students don't feel like they are science fiction readers, this series will hook you. 

All three are also audiobooks and I have to say they are very exciting on audio, as well. 

With Christmas coming up, this is a great series to purchase for those readers in your life! 

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