The Language of Spells student/teacher book review

The Language of Spells by Garret Weyr 

Thank you TLC Book Tours for the free review copy of this book. 

Why did you pick up this book? 

Finlay: It looked very interesting and fun and has an interesting back that made me want to read it. Such as Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.
Mrs. Kuehler: I was approached by TLC book tours about reading and reviewing this book. I was instantly intrigued by the gorgeous cover!

What genre is this book? Is it a genre you typically read? Why or why not? 

Finlay: The genre of this book is fantasy.  Yes, this is the typical genre I like to read.
Mrs. Kuehler: This book is firmly in the fantasy genre, but there was a lot of real-life lessons that could be taken away from it. I’m not usually drawn to fantasy novels, but I’m almost always glad when I read them!

Were the characters believable? Why? 

Finlay: In a way I guess they were believable but otherwise like what the characters were not really. I guess their situation is kind if believable if you think of the characters are real people and not dragons.
Mrs. Kuehler: What Finlay said! ^^ I completely agree that the situation is believable as in a group of people being oppressed for something silly like skin color (in the book, dragons were oppressed for eye color)

If you were recommending this book to a friend, what would you be sure to tell them? 

Finlay: This is a magical book with fun characters. This book is a great read if you like fantasy books. I really enjoyed it and I think you might too. If you have read or wanted to read Harry Potter or Percy Jackson this might be a book for you.
Mrs. Kuehler: I would tell them to stick with the book because in the beginning, Grisha is a teacup and it got a little slow. I was dying to know how Grisha was rescued from being a teacup!

Without giving anything away, what was the most exciting part of the book? 

Finlay: Near the middle of the book in chapter fifteen when Maggie has some information the people needed to know.
Mrs. Kuehler: When Maggie decides to leave without her father’s permission …

Which character in the book did you like best? Why? 

Finlay: My favorite character was the dragon itself Grisha. He had a little bit of a sad life at the beginning of the book but then came over it.
Mrs. Kuehler: I loved Grisha. He did have a sad life, but I loved his personality and optimism.

If you could ask that character any question, what would you ask? 

Finlay: Why did you feel like you had to go to Vienna? Was it just because all the other dragons were there?
Mrs. Kuehler: I would love to talk to Maggie now and see how she feels…

Spoiler below. Stop reading if you don’t want to know…

Were you happy with the ending? Why? (Use quotes or examples from the novel to support your answer) 

Finlay: (spoiler alert!) It was a little sad for me how she just gave up her ability to talk and see Grisha but otherwise I thought it was a very good ending.
Mrs. Kuehler: I thought the ending was believable, but it still made me really sad for Maggie and Grisha.

Who would you recommend this book to? 

Finlay: I would recommend this to people who magic and fantasy books and to people who like magical creatures. I would also highly recommend this book to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fans.
Mrs. Kuehler: I would recommend this book to anyone that needs a book with a magical setting to get lost in.


  1. I'm so glad Finlay liked the book!

    Thanks for being on this tour!

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