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"Take bits from the worlds of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Nancy Drew, and set the story in New Orleans, and you've got this compelling tale of Evangeline.... A worthwhile read about a strong girl who embraces the power of knowledge but also heeds Gran's advice to 'trust your gut.'"
— Kirkus 

Twelve-year-old Evangeline Clement is a haunt huntress (or swamp witch) in training under the watchful eye of her Gran Holyfield. Descended from a long, proud line of female haunt huntresses in Louisiana, Gran is charged with ridding homes of troublesome creatures like Bayou Banshees and Johnny Revenants. Geared up with her mother's talisman, silver-tipped alligator skin boots, and her satchel full of medicinal salves, Evangeline is learning the cures to local supernatural afflictions and can't wait until she turns 13, the official age when the Council will recognize her as a true haunt huntress (as long as she wasn't born a middling, without any magical powers...).

In an unusual request, Gran has been called from the Louisiana swamp to the big city of New Orleans during Mardi Gras celebrations to undertake an emergency case involving a terrifying beast who has been after her family for years. But after a string of undeniable signs indicating that death is near, can Evangeline protect Gran and save the city of New Orleans – even if she is not true a haunt huntress herself?

"First-time author Eldredge delivers a finely tuned tale that integrates humor and suspense, light mythology, and magic. ...Both spirited and plagued by self-doubt, Evangeline makes an interesting protagonist, whom readers will rally behind."
— Booklist

5th Grade Student Preview: 

Mutual Summary:
Evangeline Clement lives in the Louisiana swamp. Here mama, one of the greatest haunt huntresses, died when Evangeline was a baby so she moved in with her Gran. 
Some of Evangeline's greatest dreams are to find her familiar, become a haunt huntress, and access the powers she inherited....But when trouble stirs in northern Louisiana, Evangeline and Gran go on a life-threatening mission. 

Hattie Review: 
I love this book! It is definitely one of my top 5 favorite books! Once you pick it up, it seems impossible to put down. This book was engaging, exciting, descriptive, thrilling, and a mystery. I can't wait for more books by Jan Eldredge and I will soon be reading Witch Girl! I recommend this book for anyone who loves fiction stories and thrillers! 

Rylee Review: 
This book was so engaging, fun, and mysterious! I loved this book. It reminded me a bit of myself. I also liked this book because I go to follow Evangeline as she defeats some not-so-familiar foes and tackles everyday chores. I would recommend this story to adventure readers, fantasy lovers, and believers of realistic fantasy. 

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