Smart Cookie Review: Cassie & Amber

What was it about Smart Cookie that made you want to read it? 

Cassie - I loved Elly’s style of writing in Finding Perfect and I knew that anything by her I immediately was going to want to read. Then reading the back synopsis, I loved Frankie already.

Amber - I agree! After reading Finding Perfect and watching my kids go nuts for it, I knew that I would NEED anything that Elly writes! I first noticed how adorable the cover for Smart Cookie was and when I read the synopsis I felt that Frankie sounded very similar to Molly which put a huge sold sign up for me!

What was your initial reaction to Smart Cookie? Did it hook you immediately or did it take some time to get into?

Cassie - I was hooked immediately. Not long into the story it talks about how Frankie is a “barefooter” and that is SO ME. I couldn’t believe that someone else took notice of kids being barefoot that they would actually include that description in their writing, so I was super excited to have something in common with Frankie. 

Amber - Ha! I love that! It’s nice when you relate with the main character. I loved the setting. The B&B and the characters all made me think of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls (which I’m a big fan of!). I also really connected with the theme that all families are not the same and your support system is your family no matter what that support system looks like. 

What was your favorite quote or passage?

Cassie - goodness, how do I choose one? I don’t exactly have one specific I don’t think. I LOVE that she writes notes to her mom. I think this could be a great discussion with students about why they think she does that and what they might do. 

Amber - I also loved the notes to her mom! I don’t have any favorite quotes, but I loved the little bit of mystery this book had. What was going on with her grandma? What was going on with the B&B? What else was going on with her dad? I kept asking questions while reading and couldn’t wait to get some answers! 

What made the setting unique? Was the setting important or could the story have taken place anywhere?
Cassie- the fact that it’s in a B&B and they live there. I think that’s super interesting. That could lead to a lot of discussions about how a lot of parents have businesses and the familiar actually live in that location as well. Such as in The Exact Location of Home by Kate Messner, one of the characters families owns a funeral home, and they live above it - those would be good books to do comparisons next year when Smart Cookie comes out.  I also love the ghost hunt intertwined. Gives it a little something extra! 

Amber - I absolutely LOVED the B&B setting and thought that the setting was an integral part of the conflict. Without the B&B and it’s financial problems much of the plot would fall apart. The setting lent itself well to providing many additional characters and situations that Frankie could get herself into! 

If you could ask the author one question, what would you ask?

Cassie - What was your inspiration for this story? Did you let Frankie take the lead? 

Amber - I would also ask where the inspiration for the story came from and I’m curious how Elly wrote the story. Was the plot planned out? I would also ask Elly if she’s working on anything new for 2019! ;)

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& check out Elly's other amazing story, Finding Perfect


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