Meet Me: Cassie Thomas

Hi everyone! I'm Cassie Thomas. I have been teaching for four years ranging from kindergarten, third grade reading, fourth grade writing, and currently fourth grade reading/writing. 
I graduated in December 2016 with my masters of art in reading from UT Tyler. 
Ever since I could remember I have been an avid reader. I love to get lost in books and share that love of reading with students. Books helped me survive my childhood woes by escaping reality. Even as an adult, I can get lost in a story and feel completely at ease. When my students are going through something, whether it be a positive or negative experience, I love being the one to help guide them to a book that can change their outlook or make them feel like they are no longer alone in the matter. Books are doors, mirrors, and windows. I use this mantra in my classroom on a daily basis. 

My goal with this blog is to help other middle grade teachers find a book or books that a child in their class may desperately need. I also want to share my ideas with others in regards to using book clubs in the classroom and the success that I have experience in such. 
I plan to also feature specific author's and their craft and how to use their writing to help students write more and also to help students find other authors who write in similar styles. 

Thanks for taking the time to stop in. I hope that this blog helps you in your classroom and you find several new titles for yourself and for your students.


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