5 Things to Know

5 Things You Need to Know About Me

  1. This is terrifying for me. Since entering the Twittersphere in 2009, I've been kicking around the idea of blogging. A few times I started-then quickly deleted-my first post. But "meeting" Amber and Cassie gave me the push I needed!   
  2. I am a Cincinnati Bearcat. After graduating from The University of Cincinnati, I spent my first four years teaching sixth grade Language Arts and seventh and eighth grade gifted Language Arts and Social Studies. After completing my master's degree in Educational Administration in 2009 I moved to NE Ohio where I've been teaching eighth grade Language Arts ever since. 
  3. I own enough books to fill a small library. Or maybe a large library-but don't tell my husband- I have books delivered directly to my classroom. Matching books to readers is my favorite part of teaching, and I secretly love the challenge of having self-proclaimed "non-readers" in my classroom. 
  4. Lucy Calkins is my hero. And Penny Kittle. And Donalyn Miller. And Kelly Gallagher. And Donald Graves. And Teri Lesesne. Well...you get the idea. I employ the reading/writing workshop philosophy in my classroom, and I mix strategies and philosophies to make it all my own. 
  5. I'm raising three readers and writers. Lately, my piles of YA and MG literature are being overtaken by Elephant and Piggie books. My bullet journal is now filled with half-finished sentences scribbled by my kindergartner. My preschooler has decided that she needs a new book whenever we go to a store. My toddler has discovered a fondness for the TouchThinkLearn books. And I love it. 

I can't wait to start sharing ideas and resources! 

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  1. Hi Haley,
    While listening to Corrina Allen's Books Between podcast tonight, she recommended your new blog, so, as a new blogger myself, and lover of children's books, I checked it out -- great blog! Wow, you've done a lot in a very short amount of time. LOVE your #4 list of heros. I can ditto every single one myself! Hope to stay connected - good luck w/your blogging adventure!


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