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Rock, Scissors, Paperbag by Elizabeth Godley 

Rock, Scissors, and Paperbag are the bestest of friends! Paperbag is afraid of everything, Rock is a talented musician, and Scissors is an excellent Orange Ball player. After the school bullies, The Bucket Kids, steal Scissors’ fake orange-ball, the kids decide to get back at the bullies. What if they could get a real orange-ball from The Great Orange Tree? That would show The Bucket Kids!

Recalling the local legend, they embark on a fantastic adventure to find The Great Orange Tree. However, while solving the riddle within the ancient map, they encounter a cave monster, a tornado of rapping cooties, and the horrid Land of Smells. How will they face each challenge? Will they end up back home with a
 orange-ball? And if they do, will they share it?

Throughout their adventure, Rock gains confidence, Paperbag conquers his fears, and Scissors makes peace with being imperfect. Best Buds!

Winner of the 2023 International Firebird Book Award, 
Rock, Scissors, Paperbag is a spellbinding tale of friendship, fantasy, and adventure. A perfect book to be shared and treasured.

Y'all this is seriously the cutest story! I love how creative Elizabeth was in her storytelling. The character growth is something that kids everywhere will be able to relate to and honestly probably feel more comfortable discussing as a group considering it is inanimate objects having these feelings/experiences. The perfect chapter book to cross off from early readers into middle grade! You won't want to miss this. 

   Elizabeth Godley is an award-winning children’s writer, originally from Louisiana. She writes to bring joy to children's lives, ensuring they feel connected and supported. She has traveled all over the world and loves learning about other cultures. Her favorite places are Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Florence, Italy. She has toured Italy as a clown, portraying her self-created character Nimrod, who is a lot like Charlie Chaplin's The Tramp. Previously, she worked as Starbelle, a face-painting fairy-friend to children. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles, CA, where she teaches elementary math, works as a voice over artist, and writes. She dreams of touring internationally, reading to children all over the world. Find out more about her books at



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