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Dear Student by Elly Swartz - OUT February 15! 

After her best friend moves across the country, Autumn struggles to connect with her new classmates. The two potential friends she meets could not be more different: bold Logan who has big ideas and quiet Cooper who’s a bit mysterious. But Autumn has a dilemma: what do you do when the new friends you make don’t like each other? When Autumn is picked to be the secret voice of the Dear Student letters in the Hillview newspaper, she finds herself smack in the middle of a problem with her friends on opposite sides. But before Autumn can figure out what to do, the unthinkable happens. Her secret identity as Dear Student is threatened. Now, it’s time for Autumn to find her voice, her courage, and follow her heart, even when it’s divided.

When Elly reaches out and gets an ARC of her newest sent to me ASAP, I drop everything and read. Elly’s protagonists in all her stories have always been so relatable as an adult and for my students. Autumn in Dear Student was no different.
Autumn’s whole world recently was shook up. Her dad joined the Peace Corps and took off, making Autumn feel abandoned and unworthy. Because of this they had to move above her moms vet clinic and attend a new school this year. Autumn has a younger sister Pickle who she is very close with, always having to be brave in front of Pickle even if she doesn’t feel brave. Autumn finds herself making new friends, leading a secret column called Dear Student, and starting a protest for something she believes in. Things are going great, until it all comes tumbling down. Autumn doesn’t think she’s brave, she feels weak, but in times where it’s really needed - she finds the courage to use her voice.
I loved this. Such a great, quick read. The friendships are so dynamic. The writing is absolutely perfect for middle grade. Elly has mastered the MG tone. Another amazing, feel good story by my dear friend. I can’t wait to share Autumn with kids.

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