IMWAYR: Special Black Lives Matter Edition

Good morning readers! I have had such a heavy heart. I absolutely love this reading, teachers, and social media community I am surrounded by. Thank you for all the kind messages and the continued work you all are doing because without a change things will never get better for Black people or any person of color. I wish I could say that there is always going to be good in the world, but unfortunately that is not always true. With the recent events that have been happening I wanted to take this IMWAY to recommend books to share with others, spark conversations and change, see a light, and learn. -Andrea


Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You 2020 in America [P.D.F] The Only Black Girls in Town - Kindle edition by Colbert, Brandy ...


The Black Kids by Christina Hammonds Grown (9780062840356): Jackson, Tiffany D: Books


Ghost Squad: Ortega, Claribel, Ortega, Claribel A.: 9781338280128 ...

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