Oh Snap-Using #booksnaps as a Reading Response Tool

I'm constantly hunting for new ways to engage my students in meaningful ways. Not a fan of using technology just for technology's sake, I carefully select the tools we use in the classroom.  So when booksnaps took social media by storm about two years ago, I filed it away as an engagement idea. This year, I finally got around to incorporating it! Better late than never?

Students who chose to use #booksnaps to respond to their independent reading books created them using Google Drawing. This was our first attempt, so I showed students mentor texts and when brainstormed characteristics in order to create an anchor chart.  

If you're interested in trying this, but not sure how to start, make sure to check out Tara Martin's page, who founded booksnaps. She has a ton of ideas about how they can be used in grades k-12. 


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