During class this week, my students and I will revisit the reading goals we set for the first quarter. One of my goals was to read a graphic novel.  This is a format I struggle with because I'm distracted by the pictures and tend to skim over the words. However, when Michele Knott introduced me to Rollergirl, by Victoria Jamieson at NErDCampMI, I knew I'd read every graphic novel she wrote...and I'm almost done her newest. Since I have four students clamoring over it, I know I need to finish it tonight! 

Be sure to check out Colby Sharp's VLOG about The Creativity Project-Amber managed to snag an elusive ARC!

If you're looking for an action-packed middle-grade read, check out The Jumbies, by Tracey Baptiste, our most recent author spotlighted! 

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